Monday, April 30, 2007

Weekend Recap

Thoughts from the weekend, in no particular order...

Brady Quinn was drafted where he should have been drafted, if Cleveland hadn't traded up KC would have taken him at 23. But I predict he will stink as a pro. I just don't see him doing well. Not just stat-wise, I just see him as a guy who doesn't have "it." Whatever "it" is, he don't got it. Everytime Quinn played a really good team, a team that will have a lot of players drafted into the NFL (i.e. Michigan, USC, LSU, etc)...his team got smoked, and he wasn't great.

Let's look at Notre Dame's schedule...three losses, to Michigan, USC, and LSU. Average margin of defeat: 24.3 points. Brady Quinn's average against those three teams: 20 for 43, 219 yards, 3 TDs, 2 INTs...not awful numbers, but definitely not top 5 or top 10 pick numbers. Cleveland getting him at 22 is perfect for Quinn, because now he plays for his hometown team, with the pressure of the 22nd overall pick instead of the 3rd. And he has Joe Thomas protecting his blindside. That said, I just don't see him becoming a good NFL qb.

What the hell was Miami thinking with Ted Ginn Jr at #9?! I mean, fine, you don't like Brady Quinn, I have no problem with that. But to draft Ginn Jr at 9? A guy who is still rehabbing the left foot sprain he suffered during the BCS Championship? If that's the guy you want, why not trade down? Why not pick up some more draft picks, then get your guy Ginn later in the first round? Maybe they tried to, but I haven't read anything to prove that. Bad job by Miami.

Yankees are in the hurt box. 9-14?! These are not your father's yankees....or maybe they are. They did struggle during the early 90s. So maybe it's better to say these are not your older brother's yankees. Or your older sister. Or your uncle who's younger than your parents. Or aunt, for that matter.

Whatever relation it is for you, these Yankees are struggling...and the Red Sox look awesome. Josh Beckett with 5 wins, Schilling and Matsuzaka both with 3, Papelbon looking solid as the Closer, and the bullpen doing a good job getting to Papelbon. And the offense is, well, the Red Sox offense. Big Papi, Manny being Manny, plus JD Drew, Julio Lugo, Mike Lowell, Coco Crisp, et. a fantasy team! Barring injuries, Red Sox will be in the playoffs...

Warriors up 3-1 over the Mavericks. Don Nelson is a genius. Mullin and Higgins have put together the perfect team for Nellie, and Baron Davis is playing like the leader Golden State wanted when they traded for him. I don't think they will close out in 5 or 6, I think this series will go to a seventh game, but as a Warriors fan who didn't have faith in the team or the coach or the front office, I am officially eating my words. Great pickup of Matt Barnes, who hit a huge three pointer late in the game last night. Great trade to get Stephen Jackson and Al Harrington, perfect for Nelly's system. Got to hand it to Jackson, even with his baggage, he has playoff experience, and if he can keep his emotions in check and his head screwed on straight, he can be devastating.

The Warriors were pretty much the worst team to get the 8 seed from the Mavericks opinion. GS is led by a coach who knows all the Mavericks players inside and out, they always play the Mavericks tough (GS won 6 of 7 against the Mavericks the last two years before the playoffs), and right now the Warriors shots are all falling for them. I expect this series to go 7, and then the Mavericks will pull it out in a hotly contested game.

Not surprised Bulls swept the Heat, not surprised Suns are up 3-1 on the Lakers, and certainly not surprised that Cleveland is up 3-0 on the Gilbert-less Wizards. I think Houston pulls away and wins the series against Utah 4-2, I don't think Denver wins another game against the Spurs, and I think the Raptors win game 5 at home before falling to the Nets in game 6.

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