Friday, January 28, 2011

Musing On My Thoughts

It bothers me to no end when people do not clean snow off their cars. I actually saw a car, fully covered by snow, driven by a man who looked to be in his 40s, and he did not seem embarrassed at all to show what a lazy douche he was. That infuriated me. I think that if I have to clean off my car, everyone has to clean theirs. Besides that, everyone does have to do it, because it's the damn law! It is a pain in the ass to clean off the cars, I fully understand that, probably more than many people because I actually clean off my car.

As I was throwing a ball to my dog, I was thinking about how happy he was to run after said ball, retrieve it and run back to me. For a minute I thought, man, this is why we are the superior race, because we don't do things like that. Then I thought, wait a minute, how is what my dog is doing any different from me throwing a football with my dad, running out for a pass and then throwing or running the ball right back to him? Then I thought of my dog's life, how he hangs out all day, sleeps when and where he wants, gets me to take him out no matter what the weather, and then I thought, damn, who's the superior in this situation?

West Wing is a tremendous show. As is Sports Night. Sports Night is still my favorite show of all-time. The ABC executives who thought that a laugh track was needed for SN obviously didn't understand Aaron Sorkin and his writing style. He doesn't need a laugh track. With all the sitcoms now that do not use laugh tracks (The Office, Community, Modern Family, etc.), I wonder if we can trace that back to Aaron Sorkin and Sports Night. As good as the show was, it became much better when the laugh track disappeared. West Wing also has hilarious moments, lines that make me laugh out loud, and it certainly didn't need a laugh track. I think a) American people are smart enough to know when they are supposed to laugh, and 2) isn't the laugh track kind of un-American, telling us we have to laugh at this particular moment? I think Tea Partiers are inherently against the laugh track. They are big fans of "I'll do it because I want to, not because you tell me to."

The King's Speech is an amazing movie. A must-see. I think it should win every Oscar it was nominated for. Of course, I haven't seen any of the other nominees, but that's besides the point. Go see The King's Speech. You won't be disappointed. No matter what Robin Quivers says.

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