Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Douche And Doucher

After watching part of LeBron's "Decision," I thought to myself, "man that is just about the douchiest thing that any player could do. He just broke up with his girlfriend of seven years, Cleveland, on national television. Nothing could ever top this monstrosity of douchiness."

Famous last words on my part, because we have a new Douche Challenger: Carmelo Anthony!!

Carmelo's wife, LaLa Vasquez, the former MTV veejay, allegedly wanted to move to LA or New York so that she could further her career. So Carmelo asked for a trade. I didn't agree with his request at the time - he was on a good team that just two years prior was in the Western Conference Finals. I can't think of any other reason why Carmelo would want to leave the Nuggets, so I'm going to go on the assumption that it was because of his wife. Which I think is ridiculous. I would never make a career move like that because of LaLa Vasquez. Mostly because my wife won't let me.

But Carmelo only wanted to go to only to teams in LA or New York. Which began a nine-month ordeal where Carmelo went through the motions during games, the team was in limbo, other players were involved in trade talk, until finally he got his wish and was sent to the Knicks.

So let's go to the tape.

LeBron's "Decision" was an awful stab in the back to Cleveland, a city that has faced its fair share of suffering. There is a certain art to leaving a team, and he basically decided to go modern and throw feces on canvas. Douchy? Undoubtedly.

Carmelo told the team to trade him but then tied their hands in terms of where they could trade him. Obviously they wanted to get fair market value for him, but there were only four teams in the markets Carmelo wanted to go to, and really only one team that he actually wanted to play for. He eventually got his wish after dragging Denver around, even at one point saying that he might sign an extension with the Nuggets. This ranks very high on the Douche meter.

The Douchey Winner? I'm going to have to go with...Carmelo! LeBron's "Decision," as douchey as it was, lasted one hour. Carmelo's jaunt down "trade-me alley" took nine months. Congratulations to the new Douche in town!

Now some may think that my vitriol towards LeBron/Carmelo has to do with their leaving their original team. Not so. I have no problem with either one of them going to a new team, for whatever reasons. My issue is that they aren't being honest with us.

Carmelo, every true man understands completely that when your wife wants something, you do your best to get it for her. Why not come out and say "listen, my wife wants to have an acting career, and to do that we need to be in either LA or New York." Sure, we'll all mock you derisively for doing whatever your wife tells you to, but that's only because it makes us feel better about our own lots in life - look at the big and powerful NBA star, doing what his wife tells him to do, just like I do what my wife tells me to do!

LeBron, everyone who has ever played a pickup game or has friends certainly understands why you would want to play with your good buddies Wade and Bosh. And certainly no one is disputing that Miami is more fun than Cleveland. So why not come out and say "hey, I've wanted to play with Wade and Bosh since the Olympics, we are all in the prime of our careers, I think we can compete for championships and have fun while doing it." Sure Cleveland will be angry with you, but you wouldn't have faced the backlash that you received from the rest of the NBA-loving world.

I guess what I'm saying is, just be honest with us. Tell us the real reason you're leaving. Don't jerk us around, tell us one thing and then the opposite thing the next day. We're not stupid, we're fans. Sports is a microcosm of life, and we see ourselves in some of the things athletes do. There's nothing wrong with being a regular guy and giving in to your wife's wishes. We all get wanting to play with your buddies in Miami. Just be straight with us.

Then perhaps I'll take you both out of the running for Douche Champion.

That is, until you demand your next trade.

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