Thursday, February 10, 2011

Three Wise Men

In the last month or so, three men left posts they had held for between 20 and 30 years. Most people think these stories are unrelated, but not me. Here are my predictions for the next year:

Jerry Sloan will become president of Egypt. He will fix the country's economy by using the "Pick and Roll." Despite the fact that everyone understands the philosophy of the "Pick and Roll," no one quite gets how it works so effectively. But it does, time and time again.

Regis Philbin will take over as head coach of the Utah Jazz and will be flummoxed by the fact that everyone on the team is, in fact, already a millionaire. He will call a friend, who will convince him to bring in a lifeline in the way of an aging Chauncey Billups, but that doesn't work and he will be fired and replaced by Meredith Viera, who is also coaching the Lakers but nobody seems to mind.

Finally, coming soon to ABC: "Live with Kelly and Mubarak"! They will banter about life in the Big Apple, where you go for the best bagel and what is the best way to oppress a people for more than 30 years without being invaded by the world's superpowers!

Speaking of Mubarak, is that not the epitome of staying at the party for too long? I'll bet all of his friends knew that he and Egypt were about to break up, but Mubarak just wouldn't listen to reason. "No no, Egypt loves me and I love Egypt, nothing will ever come between us." He really believed it too. Must have been tough to be a friend of Mubarak and listen to him talk about how Egypt is taking lessons from a male tennis instructor, and how Egypt doesn't own a raquet but rents one from the instructor. But now that Egypt broke up with him, he can't handle it. Now he's blaming outside sources. It's not Egypt who is breaking up with me, it's "international pressures," and "I will not submit to any international pressures." I see the future for Mubarak and Egypt, and it has "restraining order" written all over it.

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