Monday, August 22, 2011

Lions and Cards and Bills, Oh My!

I like the NFL commercial where the Detroit Lions fan keeps purchasing items for his daughter with his Lions credit card so that he can win Lions-related prizes. I imagine his face when he gets his credit card bill and realizes the full ramifications of his stupidity.

Then I imagine his wife walks in. Seeing her husband's ashen face, she asks him, "What happened? Did the Lions use a first-round pick to get Terrell Pryor in the supplemental draft?" Wordlessly, he hands her the ridiculously-large bill. She takes one look at it, looks at her husband, looks again at the bill, then faints.

Flash forward two weeks later, the husband is in the house alone, wearing a Charles Rogers No. 80 jersey, the home is completely cleaned out as his wife has divorced him, and all he has left is the memory of being on Ford Field prior to a Lions game.

Who says the NFL stands for No Fun League? Not me!

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