Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Post-NFL Week 3 Predictions

Predictions made about the previous week’s NFL action based on the results of those games

Week three will be all about ending streaks. The Bills will end 15-game losing streak against the Patriots. The Lions will end a 13-game losing streak at the Metrodome. The Giants will end a six-game losing streak against the Eagles. The Raiders will end a five-game losing streak to non-division opponents. The Buccaneers will end a five-game losing streak to the Falcons. The Gramatica brothers will be relevant for the first time in five years.

Unconfirmed reports say Bill tore his ACL while celebrating the news that he and his brother were cast in a Bud Light commercial.

Two quarterbacks, a sixth-round draft choice and a seventh-round draft choice, will go toe-to-toe as the Bills will come from behind to defeat the Patriots. Somewhere, former No. 1 overall pick JaMarcus Russell is studying hard to get his degree.

Seriously, JaMarcus Russell returned to LSU to get his degree.

Mel Kiper Jr. still thinks that JaMarcus Russell will be the next John Elway. Todd McShay continues to be in awe of JaMarcus Russell. Al Davis doesn’t know who JaMarcus Russell is.

In Kiper Jr. and McShay’s defense, most NFL teams aren’t much smarter. In Davis’ defense, he’s Al Davis.

Late in the second half of its loss to Detroit, Minnesota will offer further proof that chicks do indeed dig the Longwell.

However, chicks will not dig the fact that with the game on the line, Minnesota’s coaching staff will choose to leave one defender covering the best receiver in the NFL, Calvin Johnson.

Wide receiver Steve Smith’s return will pay immediate dividends. Not for the Eagles, but for the Giants, who will go on to defeat Vince Young’s Dream Team in Philly.

The Giants’ coaching staff will design a defense for Michael Vick and the Eagles based on Tom Coughlin’s favorite song, which as everyone knows, is Hit ‘Em High by B Real, Coolio, Busta Rhymes and Method Man.

“If you can hit ‘em high, hit ‘em high, hit ‘em high. If you can hit ‘em low, hit ‘em low, hit ‘em low.”

After using the chorus as a mantra leading up to the Eagles game, the song will remain in the Giants’ heads for at least a week. Maybe two. It’s damn catchy.

The Ravens will score 21 points in the first quarter in a blowout victory over the Rams. At 0-3, the Rams are still in playoff contention. Ladies and gentlemen, the NFC West!

The Texans will come thisclose to beating the Saints in New Orleans. The defenses for each team will come thisclose to making any kind of impact on the game.

The Packers will become the first Super Bowl winner to start the next season 3-0 since the 2007 Giants. Greg Jennings’ twitter feed will blow up with fans asking him not to shoot himself in the foot, literally or figuratively.

In a game that has zero playoff implications whatsoever, the Panthers will defeat the Jaguars.

In a game that has playoff implications only because it’s the NFC West, the Seahawks will defeat the Cardinals.

The Bengals and the 49ers will do their best baseball impersonation. Just like their MLB counterparts, neither team will reach the playoffs. Also like their MLB counterparts, neither team will do much of anything offensively.

The Colts will play well enough to lose to the Steelers.

The performances of Curtis Painter and Kerry Collins will cause everyone watching the game to say, “I could throw better than that.” And they would be correct.

The Titans will defeat the Broncos in Tennessee. In a game featuring running back Chris Johnson, Denver’s Willis McGahee will be the game’s leading rusher with 52 yards. Fantasy owners will joke that they should have picked McGahee with the No. 1 overall pick. Although right now, Chris Johnson owners would be stoked to have McGahee’s numbers (54 carries, 156 yards, 2.9 average, one touchdown).

Those numbers don’t speak well for Willis McGahee. But they really don’t speak well for Chris Johnson.

Ryan Mathews has a career day to lead the Chargers to a win over the GreatJobButWhoAreTheChefs. Mathews’ 2010 fantasy owners will wonder where that production was last season. Mathews’ 2010 fantasy owners are still not bitter.

Tony Romo will put in another gutty performance to lead the Cowboys to victory. Romo’s disappointed detractors will ask him to go to Mexico on his bye week so they can criticize him again.

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