Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Post-NFL Wildcard Weekend Predictions, Episode XVI

Game-by-game predictions made prior to the NFL Wildcard Weekend based on the results of those games

Four games will take place over the weekend.

Minnesota-Green Bay will feature a rematch of last week's great game that saw the Vikings win to clinch a playoff berth, along with the greatest running back probably ever and one of the top-five quarterbacks in the league*.

*NOT Christian Ponder. Or Joe Webb.

Indianapolis-Baltimore will feature the return of a great player for his retirement tour, a rookie quarterback and a coach that has come back from cancer to lead his team into the playoffs

Seattle-Washington will feature a pair of rookie quarterbacks, a pair of tough running backs and a pair of tough defenses.

Cincinnati-Houston will feature, umm, will feature, wait hold on it will come to me, will feature...a rematch of last year's playoff game!

I think that will be about it.

The NFL will do a good job of scheduling, putting the game that is sure to be the most boring in front of the game that is sure to be very exciting.

Will anyone watch the Bengals-Texans game all the way through? Or will you simply have it on in the background as you're going about your day, looking forward to the football game coming up at 8pm only to remember, "oh yeah, there's a football game on right now, I should go check the score."

With the Patriots looming to face the winner, and with everyone already jacked up for a New England-Denver AFC Championship game, will anyone even care about the outcome between Cincinnati and Houston?

Besides, you know, Cincinnati and Houston?

I guess this game will be the red-headed stepchild* of the weekend. Sure we'll pay some attention to you, but we know, and you know, and we know you know, you won't be our favorite.

*This is no way a reference to Andy Dalton. Just a coincidence. I swear.

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