Thursday, January 3, 2013

Reid is Fundamental(ly Flawed)

Can someone explain to me what Andy Reid brings to the table that makes him such a valued commodity? Teams are lining up for his services but what I really feel that they are lining up for is disappointment and heartbreak.

Andy Reid is, and always has been, a decent coach. Sometimes even a good coach. He's never been a great coach. He has a good record (130-93), but almost half of his career wins (59) came during a five-year stretch...eight years ago. In his past eight seasons, Reid has averaged 8.3 wins per year (66 total).

It's not as though he's been stellar in the postseason (career record: 10-9). He's certainly had talented teams, some might even say Dream Teams, even if some of his players were head cases.

So what is it about Reid that is making these teams act like they're hiring the next Belichick? Is it his steadiness, the fact that he rarely makes waves one way or the other? Are all these teams so desperate for any kind of success that they are willing to give up their Super Bowl aspirations for a chance at consistent decency?

Yes. Yes they are.

Well then kudos, team-that-will-average-eight-wins-a-year-for-the-next-five-years. You might make the playoffs here or there, you may even win a game or two in the postseason, but you'll never be great.

After the crap seasons you've had recently, I guess that's pretty good. Or at least good enough.

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