Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Don't Sext While You Run (for office)

Anthony Weiner has a problem. No, not that he’s a serial sexter. That’s his fetish, and it’s weird, but most fetishes are.
Weiner’s problem is that we don’t understand his fetish. There are no shortages of politicians who cheat on their spouses, and while we think of them as creepy and slime, we have a tendency to look past it when we consider them for office. We get cheating. We may not like it, but we understand it.
But sending pictures of your naked body to strangers and getting off on that? Well, that’s just plain weird. So because we don’t understand it, Anthony Weiner is thought of as slimier than someone who has cheated on their spouse, even though by all accounts Weiner never actually cheated on Huma. Sure, he took pictures of his naked body and sent it to women, and sure he probably was not master of his own domain while doing so, but as far as we know he has only had sex-sex (Copyright Whoopi Goldberg) with Huma since they got together.
In terms of his political career, Weiner would have been better off just cheating on Huma like a normal politician. We’re not good with strange fetishes. Heck, we’re not really good with fetishes. If we don’t get it, it must be weird, and if it’s weird, it’s definitely not for us.
But why is his fetish so strange? He’s not cheating on his wife - for all we knew, maybe she was aware that he was into this kind of thing and was fine with it as long as he never took it to the next level. 
I don’t necessarily have a problem with Weiner’s sexting. I think it’s strange, because I don’t see the appeal, but hey to each his or her own. My issue with Weiner is the fact that he was dumb enough to get caught. Twice. The first time he gets caught you chalk it up to a combination of bad luck and bad decisions. But to make those bad decisions a second time, while you’re running for office…THAT is why he shouldn’t be mayor. His judgment skills are obviously shot. 
I listened to the Sydney Leathers interview on the Stern Show today, and she (to me at least) comes off as someone who was looking for fame. She said she leaked the pictures Weiner sent her because she felt he wasn’t being honest with New Yorkers and that someone else leaked her name to the press. That second part may be true, but once her name was leaked she couldn’t jump on that fame bandwagon fast enough! 
I don’t mind that she did that; totally her right, and he was dumb enough (again) to believe that his pics would never surface (again). But the fact that she was willing to sext with a complete stranger, someone she never met face to face…that should have been enough for Weiner to know she wasn’t the girl to sext with. 
So Anthony Weiner has a choice he has to make. Either he continues to run for public office and goes to therapy 14 times a week to keep himself away from sexting, then reverts back to his sexting ways the minute he’s out of office or out of the running, or he continues his sexting ways as a private citizen. Because unfortunately, the way most people feel about this whole “sexting" thing, he can’t have it both ways. 
So basically it’s not him, it’s us. But also a little bit him.