Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hey Look, an Offense! (takeaways from the Gators' week 1.5 win)

A few takeaways from the Gators’ 65-0 win over Eastern Michigan on Saturday…

Hey Look, An Offense!
Apparently the third offensive coordinator was the charm. For the first time since Pope Urban, the Gators offense looked like an actual offense. Wide receivers (remember them?) running good routes, getting open and making tough catches. Offensive line opening holes for running backs, who ran with abandon. Not one but two quarterbacks making big plays…with their arms, not their legs, which is not something we have become accustomed to seeing the past two years. Florida had its highest scoring output since 2008, most total yards since 2010 and most pass completions and attempts since 2002. Also, and I can’t emphasize this enough, THEY LOOKED LIKE AN ACTUAL OFFENSE. It was really fun to watch. Yes, it was Eastern Michigan, but this is what teams like Florida are supposed to do to teams like EMU.

What I’d Like To See The Gators Do
Approximately 10 years ago, Andre Debose came out of high school as the next (Mercy) Percy Harvin. Debose was going to play at receiver, running back, kick returner, wild cat quarterback…you name it, he was going to be the guy at it. Now that he’s back from injury (knock on wood), I’d like to see him used more in that Percy role. If the coaches are worried about durability, which is fair, just use him as a decoy – much like Seattle did with Percy on "the constraint" play here (towards bottom of the page). It could be that Kurt Roper has plays like that in his back pocket but didn’t want to show his cards in a game the Gators won 65-0, which is also fair, but I’d like to see Debose used more than just a wide receiver/kick returner, because he is electrifying with the ball in his hands.

OK, But Why?
There are just two SEC conference games this weekend: No. 6 Georgia at No. 24 South Carolina and Kentucky at Florida. So of course, SEC Nation (ESPN SEC Network’s version of ESPN’s College Gameday), will do its show from…Columbia, S.C. Gainesville, Fla.! OK, but why? The answer is fairly simple: Georgia at USC is on CBS, Kentucky at Florida is on SEC Network. Seems like a strange policy to me too, but whatever. Hopefully they show the Gator Walk!

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