Friday, October 10, 2014

In Jeff Driskel We (have no choice but to) Trust

Last Saturday at around 3 pm ET, Gator Nation was excited about our new quarterback.

Last Monday at around 11 am ET, Gator Nation was disappointed in our new quarterback.

Today at around 3 pm ET, Gator Nation received news that our new quarterback will soon be our new quarterback again.

Tomorrow at around 7:30 pm ET, despite the news we received Friday at around 2pm ET, Gator Nation will cheer (hopefully) our old quarterback.

With Treon Harris and a fight over shoes dominating the Gators’ headlines this week, Saturday’s game against LSU has fallen on the way side.

Tomorrow night, the quarterback we thought we were done with is back, and it’s a little awkward, because we’re all, “hey Jeff, we said some not so nice things about you, but no hard feelings, right? Do great on Saturday!” and he’s all, “man I really didn’t think I would be starting anytime soon after my last two performances, but sure why not hopefully I’ll play well on Saturday.”

I think we need to remember a few things about Jeff Driskel: 1) he was the top overall quarterback in high school; 2) he was originally recruited by Urban Meyer; 3) he has not noticeably improved from his freshman year, but 4) he also is on his third OC in four seasons.

Oh and 5) he played well in the first two games of the season, both at home, including a career performance in a win over a Kentucky team that defeated South Carolina last week.

Also 6) he had receivers drop multiple passes against both Bama and UT. Hey Demarcus Robinson: if you’re going to tweet that you want the Gators to bench the starting quarterback, you better catch EVERY SINGLE BALL that comes into your vicinity.

And not for nothing, but if you’re a Gators fan and you were disappointed that the Gators beat Tennessee because it meant that Muschamp wouldn’t be fired, then you’re not a Gators fan. That’s just the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read. And to compare Muschamp to a coach who sent a concussed player back into a game is just lazy and troll…-ey.

So to recap: yes, Driskel has stunk the last two games, and yes, the offense has stunk with Driskel the last two games, and yes, he needs to show us that he’s the quarterback who played well against Eastern Michigan and Kentucky (both at home, BTW) and not the one who played terribly against Alabama and Tennessee (both on the road, BTW). But we, as fans, need to support him and cheer him on and cheer on the team.

And if he stinks again this week (frantically knocking on wood), then in Treon We Trust.

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