Sunday, September 20, 2015

NFL Dictions

I can't rightfully call these predictions, because the season has already started, so here are my dictions. They're probably all wrong.

East: Patriots, duh. (Alleged) winners cheat, and (alleged) cheaters win. Pretty sure that's how the saying goes.
North: Bengals, but it's cool because they still won't get past the first round of the playoffs.
South: The Fightin' Mariota's!
West: Broncos. Peyton Manning will have another great REGULAR season.
Wild Cards: Bills, Ravens. How much fun would it be to see Rex Ryan vs. Bill Belichick in the playoffs?

East: Cowbeagles. Eagoys? One of those teams.
North: Packers. Aaron Rodgers is similar to Tom Brady in this respect: doesn't matter who his receivers are, he'll make them look good.
South: Falcons, but only because Dan Quinn used to be defensive coordinator of the Gators.
West: Seahawks. They're always due for a weird loss or two, but they'll still win the division.
Wild Cards: Cardinals for sure, and I guess...Panthers? Yeah, let's go with that. Panthers.

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