Monday, October 19, 2015

LSU 35, Gators 28 - My Two Bits

I did not think UF would leave LSU with a win, but I wanted it to be at least close, because there was a little nagging voice in my head that kept telling me the Gators were not a legit No. 8 team (Ole Miss losing to Memphis was not quieting that little nagging voice). I really, really did not want them to get blown out. The way the first half ended, knowing LSU was going to get the ball to start the second...I thought my fears would be realized. But then, something remarkable happened. The No. 8-ranked team in the nation showed up. These Gators are legit. That was a heckuva game against a heckuva team, and I hope we get another crack at them, say on Dec. 5 in Atlanta.

Fool Me Once...
Since Les Miles became the coach of LSU and earned the nickname The Mad Hatter, anytime I see the Tigers line up for a kick against [insert team here], I say to my TV "watch out for the fake!" Apparently, my words are not reaching the coaches of [insert team here], because it seems that LSU is successful on those fakes EVERY DARN TIME. If you know someone has a reputation for faking field goals and kicks, and they are lined up for a field goal or kick, wouldn't you have a defense in place prepared for a fake? Yes, the Gators' offense had multiple opportunities to tie the game after the yet again successful fake field goal, but the point remains that there is no reason at all teams shouldn't be prepared for Les Miles to call a fake.

C'mon, Ref
All in all, I thought the officiating crew did a decent job. But there was one play in particular that made me scratch my head scream at my TV: Leonard Fournette's fumble that the Gators may or may not have recovered. Replay review takes at least five minutes, Referee Matt Loeffler finally comes and says "Call has been confirmed" and that's it. I'm sorry, but that's not enough. If you have to take a ridiculous amount of time to review a call, and you determine unequivocally that the call on the field was correct, I need more explanation as to why. Now, perhaps Loeffler meant to say "Call stands as called"; later in the game, after penalties on both teams, Loeffler said the penalties had been declined rather than offset. I wouldn't have agreed with "call stands" but I would have understood that they couldn't determine one way or the other so the call stood. No, that call wasn't the reason the Gators lost, nor was the successful fake field goal, but both were reasons my voice was a little raspy Sunday morning.

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