Saturday, October 10, 2015

Thoughts on Gators-Missouri

Not so much thoughts as worries, the first of which is this is an obvious trap game. Huge win last week, LSU looming next week, Missouri not having a great season. Plus you add in all the accolades and talk the Gators are getting about being a good-to-great team, yada yada yada, and I could easily see the players taking the Tigers lightly. It'll be an interesting smell test to not only this Gators team, but also the coaching staff, to see how they play today.

Second worry, not so much a worry as a memory, is this weekend last year was one of the more heartbreaking losses of the Muschamp era (although there were quite a few of them). On Oct. 11, 2014, over the final six+ minutes against LSU, the Gators led 24-20, trailed 27-24, dropped a pass in the endzone and had to kick a field goal to tie the game 27-27, had the ball back with a chance to win it, threw an interception, lost 30-27. Two years ago on this weekend the Gators lost to LSU, 17-6. I'm just saying this weekend has not been kind to the Gators in recent years. Hopefully this team changes that trend around.

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